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Maui TV News for the Week Ending March 25, 2010

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This Week on Maui TV News:

'Hawaii's Economic Recovery Has Begun' - With those five words, the beginning of a new era is laid out for Maui Nei and all of Hawai'i. We've got the details from the latest UH Economic Research Organization forecast.

Good Gone Bad - It was supposed to be a win-win deal, but, despite the best laid plans, 125 concrete slabs landed on living coral. Now the DLNR wants to know what to do about it.

He Said, She Said- Appointing members to serve as volunteers on County Boards and Commissions is tough. It becomes even tougher when all the "laundry" has to be aired in public.

Also this week on Maui TV News:

Green Luxury - Of the dozens of high-end luxury resorts in Hawai'i, only nine were selected for their efforts toward "greening" the guest experience. And, of those nine, four are on Maui. We've got the winners.

4,000 More Homes in Lahaina? - Now that the ceded lands issue is put to rest, a 20 year-old plan to build work-force housing in Lahaina is on track. That will likely make some angry.

"We Just Want to Be Equal" - Baldwin High School girls softball players won a major victory in federal court last week. We've got the County's response as well.

Crystal Max - A crystal skull - possibly millennia old, is on Maui with a message of healing, consolation and peace.

In Sports - It's a new season in Track and Filed - but the same front runners are still front-running.

And art, artsy things and artful places dominate this week's rundown of Coming Attractions - along with the census and baseball, too - on Maui TV News.

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