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About Us
  • The experience of living on Maui is often viewed as “being in paradise,” and - in fact - it is as close to paradise as likely exists. But Maui is also a “real world” county, with genuine challenges, “growing pains” and issues that demand answers. Maui TV News, Maui’s weekly television news program, was created for this purpose, devoting coverage to primary issues like water, transportation and education.
  • Your company’s advertising on a quality television news program with the depth and breadth of Maui TV News demonstrates community support and interest, and a true concern for the issues that affect all of Maui County, to the entire state of Hawai'i on News on Demand on Oceanic Time Warner Cable’s Digital channel 953, via the Internet at And now you can watch weekly reports of Maui TV News every Friday morning on the KHON-2 Morning News with Kirk Matthews and Kathy Muneno between 5 and 8 a.m.
  • Find out more about advertising opportunities with Maui TV News here.
  • Maui TV News was conceived and created and is produced by a domestic limited liability company, Island News Technologies, LLC.
  • In addition to on-air sponsorship identification, Maui TV News is also streamed, supported and documented on our companion web site at Here, sponsors and advertisers are acknowledged and featured on key pages, including the Home Page and the Breaking News Page—our two most visited pages. The web site includes dozens of helpful links, full-text transcripts to every show and story covered by our team, and multimedia audio and video playback as well.

  • Perhaps the most valuable opportunity for any company or organization seeking exposure of its community-support efforts is the value of full-screen, exclusive identification of association with Maui TV News, an effort dedicated to educating and informing the people of Maui County. In other words, your commercial. Ours is a show filled with positive values, news and feature stories of lives, programs and events that inform and inspire our audience. We produce - and follow - stories that touch people’s lives, coming from all corners of this splendidly beautiful place. Stories and issues that matter - from education, to traffic, to the amazing variety of cultural offerings of Maui County and Hawai'i.
  • Maui TV News is not on “Public Access,” and therefore not governed by rules covering Public Broadcasting. Maui TV News is a high tech electronic news gathering organization - not unlike the local broadcast network affiliates that reach Maui from Honolulu via cable. The big difference: Maui TV News is all about Maui. That is the reason we make sponsorship opportunities available on a limited basis, offering them to those whom we feel are best qualified as potential “partners” in our mission, before offering commercial time slots to the general advertising community.
  • The stars of Maui TV News are - of course - the people, places and stories of Maui County. Our two-fold mission: To inform and entertain; and, to inspire our viewers to take advantage of the educational, civic, cultural, scientific, literary and charitable opportunities offered on Maui. Maui TV News airs when it is convenient for our viewers: that is, 24/7 on demand access on television on News on Demand and on the Internet at
  • The Maui TV News crew of professional storytellers has more than 60 years’ combined experience in network television news reporting, regional and local television and radio news production, print and photojournalism.

  • The viewer/relational philosophy of Maui TV News is simple and basic: “Connect viewers with stories and topics in as personal a way as possible.” Accordingly, we offer support and sponsorship opportunities to meet specialized needs. In addition to news and in-depth coverage of issues, Maui TV News features sponsor-able segments highlighting and promoting upcoming cultural and entertainment events, developing health and family care issues.
  • The Maui TV News team has devoted thousands of hours to the behind-the-scenes work needed to get the story right, introducing our viewers to people, events and creatures they may - otherwise - never get to see in their lifetime, like tiny Hawksbill turtle hatchlings and dancing baby Humpback whales.
  • But Maui TV News is far more than just “features.” Our video crews have gone into waist-deep grass in East Maui looking for the dangerous mosquito that carries dengue fever. We have carefully chronicled the challenges of development in South and West maui, and the future of transportation via the introduction of the Hawaii Superferry to transportation options for the state of Hawai’i.
  • Maui TV News also covers the cultural and historical facets of our most unique community. We also keep an eye on Maui’s future: our keiki. Strong ties to Hawaii’s past are necessary to assure a future that keeps Hawai'i vital, and Maui TV News devotes coverage to educational and cultural developmental programs devoted to children.
In summary, Maui TV News is the weekly, Maui source for news, entertainment, information, creativity and education...all packed into one program. There is no better story-telling vehicle available to the people of Maui County than Maui TV News. And it’s a vehicle that can feature your business on television across Hawai'i on News on Demand as well as across the globe at

Maui TV News covers topics that matter to Maui County. The mission of Maui TV News is to highlight important issues, events, activities, developments and opportunities that impact our citizens. We provide in-depth coverage of critical issues that will determine the future of Maui County including water, housing, transportation, power and education. And, of course, there's Sports! on Maui TV News, featuring highlights of everything from high school football and track, to professional windsurfing, outrigger canoe racing, tennis and much more. Plus, every week there is a rundown - with all the details - of the major events, festivals, concerts and cultural happenings covered on Coming Attractions. Be sure to click to find out what's coming to Maui this week.

We invite and encourage your feedback. Please click one of the Feedback links and give us your comments, suggestions or story ideas. If you choose, you may also call us at Maui TV News to provide your feedback. Jeff King, Maui TV News Executive Producer and News Director, can be reached at (808) 891-NEWS. Reach our News Department via email here. We take your input very seriously.

Click here for a printable "media kit" version of this "About Us" information regarding Maui TV News, and our parent company, Island News Technologies, LLC, a Qualified High Tech Business in Hawai'i, eligible for investor tax incentives under Act 221/215, Hawai'i Revised Statutes.

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